The Masa Map

Welcome to our culinary atlas of the growing movement of folks embracing masa, the nixtamalized corn dough that is the foundation of hundreds of dishes — with thousands of variations — across Mexico, Latin America, and the world.

Our work sourcing and distributing Heirloom Corn has brought us into contact with hundreds of chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, culinary journey seekers who are invested in high quality masa, whether it comes in the shape of tortillas and tacos, or tamales, arepas, pupusas, sopes, huaraches or even corn-kissed craft beer. With masa purveyors popping up all over the United States and the world, we couldn’t help but put together this directory to help guide you to local spots of interest or even help shape a travel itinerary when you’re looking to get your masa fix while on the road. This map is composed of noteworthy restaurants, taquerias, tortillerias, molinos, and other culinary establishments open to the public that are dedicated to either the traditional method of masa making ( that is, the kernel-to-masa process of nixtamalizing corn) or show a commitment to heirloom corn. If you’re looking for some of the best Mexican restaurants in America, chances are you’ll find them here. 

While tradition certainly informs this list, it is not strictly limited to the traditional cuisines of Mexico or present-day Mesoamerica. As you’ll see, this list is made up of “modern” Mexican restaurants, Chicanx bakeries, cottage molinos, dive bars and coffee shops, taco trucks, neighborhood cafes, farmers market vendors and seasonal pop-ups. It celebrates everything that is at the intersection of artisanal masa production and consumption, which is a decidedly global and culturally fluid phenomenon.

A final note: This is not a static list of locations. It begins with US-based masa makers, but will gradually expand to include those across the world. If you know an establishment that should be on this list, please drop us an email at with Masa Map in the subject line. If you’re looking for a stockists list, check out our Find Us map, featuring retailers carrying Masienda goods. 


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