The Nike Air Huarache "Masa"

Available 4.2.24 at 10:00 AM

$125 USD

Ok, so it’s not real.

But wouldn’t it be cool if it were?

Today is April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, and this is our version of a practical joke, granted, a somewhat elaborately executed one. (We’ve been known to take it far.)

Our vision comes from a place of wishful thinking, however. If there are bacon, lobster, and bagel Dunks, why not a huarache Huarache? It would certainly help shed light on the shoe’s origins. 

The word ‘huarache’ comes from the term ‘kwarachi’ for sandal in Purépecha, the language of the indigenous Purépecha people of Michoacán. Like blue jeans, huaraches come from humble origins (they were often worn by workers), but have been elevated to contemporary fashion mainstay, thanks to the enduring appeal of their supreme comfort and signature woven-leather design. But our feeling is that while lots of folks know the word ‘huarache’ thanks to Nike, they still don’t have a clue what a ‘real’ huarache is. And if they haven’t heard of the shoe, chances are they haven’t heard of the beloved masa-based dish that goes by the same name and looks like the sole of a work boot. (Despite looking like a shoe, it doesn’t taste like one — but you probably knew that.) So, our solve is to kill two birds with one stone shoe. Make a huarache Huarache and soon everyone will know about the leather sandal and the delicious, oblong, panza-filling street food. Mexico has long been a center of creativity when it comes to both food and fashion — it’s time it got its due. 

A treat for your feet that’s good enough to eat. The Nike x Masienda Air Huarache PRM "Masa" is a meta moment: a shoe named after a street food that’s named after a shoe. This special edition is a fresh take on legendary designer Tinker Hatfield’s 1991 classic, featuring a thick masa-yellow midsole to act as a foundation for a tapestry of colors and textures, each recalling iconic ingredients of the beloved dish.  Earth-toned frijoles and carne asada uppers give way to avocado green and habanero orange accents, while crema-white laces and a radish-inspired tongue patch make for the perfect garnishes. Underfoot, a deep obsidian outsole —  the comal, if you will — yields reliable grip, and insoles featuring an iconic hibiscus oilcloth motif bring it all home. 

Earth-toned frijoles and carne asada uppers garnished with crema laces and a radish tongue patch
Avocado green and habanero orange accents
Hibiscus oilcloth insoles
Masa yellow midsole atop a black comal outsole