It's in the Bag

Grain Pro Bag

We hope you--and your corn--are staying cool out there, friends! With record heat waves on deck throughout the world, please read this friendly PSA about recommended corn (and bean) storage--your masa depends on it!

  • 2 BAGS, 1 GOAL -- Each 55 lb unit of corn/beans comes in two bags. BOTH BAGS are important to ensuring your pesticide-free corn and beans remain free of live bugs! The interior **SEALED AND AIR TIGHT** GrainPro (green) bag protects your corn from live insects. The exterior woven (white) bag prevents the GrainPro interior bag from puncturing.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee your product if it is not safely stored and sealed within the GrainPro bags. Especially given the warmer summer months, they are critical to preventing bug infestation and preserving quality.
  • Storage in a cool, dry place is additionally important to ensuring the bags can do their job effectively (e.g., swampy dish pits — NO, chilly freezers or dry pantry— YES!).
  • DO NOT decant your corn or beans into a Cambro or Lexan: we know it makes for simpler storage, but those types of containers combined with record-high temps are a perfect breeding ground for bugs.
  • There will be dead bugs in each batch from time to time--this is a sign that the bags are doing their jobs correctly, and you can rinse and skim your corn and beans before use. Should you receive bags with live activity, please contact us immediately and we will swap out your order at no charge.
Thank you for your support of smallholder agriculture. Farming at this scale is undoubtedly harder, and we appreciate your support and patience to help build a more equitable supply chain.

As always, please don't hesitate to let us know how we may be of additional service.