Masa Hand Mill Molino for Grinding Corn | Victoria | #1 of #2
Masa Hand Mill Molino for Grinding Corn | Victoria | #2 of #2
Masa Hand Mill
If you’re going to be milling nixtamal at home for scratch-made masa and aren’t yet ready to commit to a Molinito, this is the mill for you. We teamed up directly with Victoria, the maker of the most classic, timeless hand mill on the market, for this special product drop.

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• Product Dimensions: 5.5″ x 6″ x 18.75″
• 100% food safe
• Weight: 9.6 lbs
This mill is absolutely capable of producing masa that will achieve a tortilla puff. To begin, draw the metal plates as tightly as they will allow, and then open them up in the opposite (loose) direction with a half turn. Next, feed the nixtamal into the hopper. Give the mill a few cranks so that nixtamal is moving through the auger and the grinding plates. Once some nixtamal has passed through, tighten the grinding plates to their tightest position and crank away. While additional passes through the mill can help produce an even finer masa but it can be difficult for the ground masa to travel through the mill for a second or third time. Provided you incorporate a little trickle of water as you mill your nixtamal, you should get puffable masa after the first pass.