Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina (Wholesale)
Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina
50 lb

Our best-selling Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina is made with Yellow Bolita, which is cooked, dried and milled to perfection in small batches in our gluten-free facility. This varietal creates a richly hued, beautifully elastic masa that is versatile and forgiving. With its golden color and deep flavor, it's easy to see why our Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina is a hit.

Ingredients: Non-GMO heirloom corn (premium), trace of lime
Each bag is 50 lbs.
Store in a cool, dry place for up to a year.
Masa Harina unlocks a whole world of culinary opportunities. For ideas, check out our YouTube Channel and blog.
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Meet Yellow Bolita

Yellow Bolita grown in the central valley of Oaxaca, is our go-to varietal for Masienda’s Heirloom Yellow Corn Masa Harina. It yields a rich, beautiful yellow masa with sweeter vegetal notes that bring to mind carrots and butternut squash. In fact, we think it might be the most flavorful varietal out there. Its denser starch content means it can support the structure of larger tortillas and always has a lovely toothsome finish.