Tortilla Starter Kit
Tortilla Starter Kit
Tortilla Starter Kit
Tortilla Starter Kit

With two 2.2 lb bags of our best-selling Heirloom Corn Masa Harina (1 each of Blue & White) and the incomparable Doña Rosa x Masienda Tortilla Press, consider the Tortilla Starter Kit a first step toward falling down the masa rabbit hole. 

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Tortilla Press Specifications:
Base Dimensions: 9.5” x 8.75”
Capable of producing tortilla diameter up to 6.5”
Weight: 10.4lbs
FDA-grade paint
Reminder: This is an artisan-made tortilla press with subtle imperfections. Use caution when opening and closing the lid, minding its edges and corners, which can be sharp. Paint may wear in high-contact areas after extensive use. Handle with care.
To make our Heirloom Corn Masa Harina, we nixtamalize whole kernels, slow dry and stone grind the corn for each made-from-scratch batch. The result is an incredibly versatile Masa Harina that begs to be used in tortillas, tostadas, tamales, pupusas and more. For ideas, check out our video series and blog.
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Perfect Your Puff

Ah, the legendary tortilla puff. The puff is to tortilla making what the crumb is to bread baking: a sign that your creation will be airy, light and ever-so moist. It's made possible by trapped moisture that meets heat. The moisture is trapped by quickly searing a light crust onto both sides of the tortilla, creating a steam pocket. As the pressure builds, it expands like a balloon. To perfect your puff, you'll want to focus on sufficient moisture to create the steam, the right amount of even compression (the Doña Rosa press will get you there) and temperature. No heat, no puff.