Heirloom Red Chalqueño Corn

Heirloom Red Chalqueño Corn



Originating from the Chalco region of Estado de México, chalqueño varieties are peak masa texture. In our humble opinion, chalqueño produces a pitch-perfect table tortilla; it’s tender, pillowy—ethereal, really. While it can produce a fine recipe tortilla (i.e., for enchiladas, enfrijoladas, etc.) and can even be coaxed into totopos or tostadas, it’s highest and best use is for the kind of tortilla that puffs (i.e., a table tortilla).

It has a soft starch that you’ll want to monitor closely while cooking, lest it overcook. A perfectly-prepared chalqueño batch should yield a tortilla texture that gives soft, flour tortillas a run for their money.

Red chalqueño has an oaty brightness with a hint of strawberry that (as with yellow) is secondary to its exquisite texture.

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