Heirloom “Pinto” Comiteco Corn

Heirloom “Pinto” Comiteco Corn



This comiteco is grown in the cloud forests of Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre del Sur. At 5,000 feet above sea level, the custodial farmers of this stunning heirloom also grow coffee in fincas throughout the shared landscape. Similar to the olotillo, this is a workhorse that will produce a balanced masa, no matter the final application; it contains a semi-crystalline starch for a pillowy table tortilla and a dense enough body for making perfect tostadas, totopos and recipe tortillas. This varietal has one of the longest growing seasons (a full 10-11 months!) with incredibly tall plants that exhibit large and elongated cobs.

“Pinto” comiteco exhibits a rainbow of pastel colors throughout the lot; while not a common expression of the comiteco landrace’s color palette, this varietal is a celebration of the possibilities of open pollination. This comiteco is shockingly savory and reminiscent of quesillo, the perfect pairing to its finished masa application.

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