Heirloom Bolita Belatove (Purple/Red) Corn

Heirloom Bolita Belatove (Purple/Red) Corn



Bolita belatove may be among the rarest of heirloom corn varieties in all of Mexico. Belatove (Zapotec for “maguey worm”, which, like this variety of corn, bares a gorgeous purple/red hue) hails from Oaxaca’s central valleys.

When we began working with belatove in 2014, researchers estimated that it had less than five tons in cultivation across the entire state of Oaxaca. At such a low production level, they feared it to be at risk of near-term extinction.

By offering premium pricing and upfront offtake to farmers, Masienda has directly contributed to growing this landrace population by more than five times (and counting)!

Working with belatove, it’s hard to imagine a world without it—with the right amount of cal (no more than 1% ratio to corn), it yields a beautiful mauve masa and distinctly nutty flavor. We’re hooked.

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