Sand for Molinito Stones
Sand for Molinito Stones
2 x 2.5 lb bags
Use this silica sand to calibrate your Molinito stones after they have broken in. Not just any sand will do! Silver sand #20 is the exact type.

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2 x 2.5lb bags per order
Moisten the sand to the consistency of wet masa: 1 cup of water per 2.5lbs of sand.
Next, run the wet sand through the auger into the stones while the machine is on. The stones should be pressed tightly together as if you were grinding table tortilla masa. Continue to tighten the stones as the sand moves through them. It will smell like burning, but this is normal. You are literally grinding down the face of your stones to a fresh face. Using a whole bag of sand (with water ratio) should do the trick. The outer half of the lines of the stone face should be erased with this step, leaving the cavity grooves as guides for re-carving fresh lines.