Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut Pura Macha
Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut Pura Macha
Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut Pura Macha
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Chipotle + Coffee + Peanut Pura Macha
Affectionately known as The Red Eye around Masienda HQ, CHIPOTLE + COFFEE + PEANUT Pura Macha is a fiery blend of chipotle, morita and pasilla chiles with added crunch of peanut and the X-factor of coffee. It’s the ideal companion to dishes like grilled meats, extra cheesy quesadillas, sweet potatoes, carrots and wood-fired mushrooms. Heat level: HIGH.

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• Ingredients: grapeseed oil, chile chipotle, chile morita, chile ancho, roasted peanut, ground decaffeinated coffee, pimenton, brown sugar, sea salt.
• Contains: peanuts
• Heat level: high
9 oz jar"
Pura Macha goes on everything, is shelf-stable, and doesn’t require refrigeration. Stir thoroughly before spooning.

The History of Pura Macha

Salsa macha's origins are in the state of Veracruz, whose long coastline hugs the Gulf of Mexico, but as is the case with many popular foods, the story of how it came to be is not entirely clear. What is worth noting, however, is that Veracruz is home to the oldest and largest port in the country and was a nexus for trade between the East and West. Was salsa macha the result of cross-continental trade? We don't know — but we do know that the free movement of people is essential in maintaining vibrant foodways.

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