San Pablo Worm Salt
San Pablo Worm Salt
2.8 oz

In this partnership with Jacobsen Salt Co., Oregon’s finest kosher sea salt gets a smoky infusion thanks to our Pasilla Mixe Chile and agave worms, creating the ultimate sal de gusano. Worm salt is the traditional accompaniment for mezcal and agave spirits, but can also be used to liven up fruit, soups, and tacos. 

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This hand-harvested salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. incorporates worms that graze on the wild plants of Oaxaca’s Central Valley. Highly concentrated in flavor and aroma, the worms are collected individually and toasted on the comal. For some mild heat, this salt also incorporates dried Pasilla Mixe chiles, a smoked Oaxacan delicacy.

Net wt. 2.8 oz.
A smoky, woody, umami-rich finishing salt to pair with mezcal, tequila, citrus, raw vegetables, seafood, and mushrooms.
Mezcal Cup with Orange Slice, Worm Salt, Pepitas

Mother Nature’s Pairing

Visit Mexico and order a pour of mezcal, very often you’ll find the drink is accompanied by two things: slices of orange and a little mound of sal de gusano, or worm salt. Worm salt is earthy and savory, and in combination with the citrus, creates a pairing that cuts right through the smoke, bringing forward the fruity and herbaceous characteristics of mezcal as you drink it slowly, in little ‘kisses’, as some mezcal aficionados call the tiny sips that can leave your lips puckered. Sal de gusano is also commonly used to season guacamole, salsas, cut fruit, eggs, ceviche, and more.