Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Stone-Ground Salsa Trio
Three 9 oz Jars

Made by Tienda Salsita in Healdsburg, California, this trio of salsas are stone-ground in small batches using a molino. Hand-toasted dried chiles, combined with seasonal, locally grown produce from farms in California’s Sonoma Valley, create fresh salsa bliss in every bite. The trio includes a bright salsa verde, an infinitely spoonable salsa roja, and a spicy, savory olive oil-based salsa featuring Oaxacan chile tusta developed exclusively for Masienda.

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• Three 9 oz jars
• Refrigerate Salsa Verde Asado and Salsa Chile Morita after opening. Best within two weeks of opening.
• Salsa de Chile Tusta is shelf-stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. Stir thoroughly before spooning.
• Salsa Verde Asado Ingredients: tomatillos, chile jalapeño, chile poblano, lime juice, garlic, salt.
• Salsa Chile Morita Ingredients: tomatoes, chile morita, lime juice, garlic, salt.
• Salsa Chile Tusta Ingredients: olive oil, chile guajillo, chile tusta, garlic, apple cider vinegar, piloncillo, salt.
Each salsa has its own occasion, but is deliciously spoonable or in any application.

Sabor de California

Since 2018, Tienda Salsita has been stone-grinding their salsa in small batches, using hand-carved volcanic stones from Mexico. Using locally grown produce, harvested in-season from small farms that use sustainable agriculture, their salsas are infused with fresh, punchy flavors that fuse the terroir of Sonoma County with the tierra of Mexico. The tomatillos in the Salsa Verde Asado, for example, come from two different sources: Reyes Farm, that grows tiny tomatillos criollos (“SUCH a headache to peel when you have hundreds of pounds,” says Kathleen, the founder of Tienda Salsita, “but anyone who knows the great flavor of the smaller tomatillos knows that it is well worth it”). They also use the larger, less flavorful but meatier tomatillos from Longer Table Farm in Sebastopol, who grows beautiful organic produce, including the jalapeño and poblano chiles that go into multiple salsas.