Guajillo + Cherry + Cacao Nib Pura Macha
Guajillo + Cherry + Cacao Nib Pura Macha
Guajillo + Cherry + Cacao Nib Pura Macha
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Guajillo + Cherry + Cacao Nib Pura Macha
Don’t let the cacao nib fool you — this is not a chocolatey salsa macha, per se. GUAJILLO + CHERRY + CACAO NIB Pura Macha brings the exciting tang of cherry and pleasantly sharp taste of real cacao to balance out the warmth of chipotle and guajillo chiles. Thanks to the nibs, each spoonful is satisfyingly hot, sweet and crunchy. Heat level: MEDIUM.

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• Ingredients: grapeseed oil, chile guajillo, chile chipotle, cacao nibs, dried cherry, sugar, sunflower oil, brown sugar, sea salt
• Heat Level: medium
• 9 oz jar
Pura Macha goes on everything, is shelf-stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. Stir thoroughly before spooning.

So Very Versatile

Here's a mathematical formula we've committed to memory: Something starchy and sweet (think roasted yam or squash or carrots) + tangy dairy like yogurt or feta or goat + a drizzle of Pura Macha = filling, flavorful weeknight dinner. Add herbs if you're feeling fancy.