Arbol + Nori + Sesame Pura Macha
Arbol + Nori + Sesame Pura Macha
Arbol + Nori + Sesame Pura Macha
An homage to the umami-rich flavors of furikake, ARBOL + NORI + SESAME Pura Macha opens with a “Hello, I’m here!” from the arbol chile, after which Sichuan peppercorn pops in to say “Hey, can I stay a while?” — all set against a backdrop of nori and sesame. We spoon this one on seafood (e.g. roasted shrimp, pescado a la talla), roasted oyster mushrooms, eggs, rice, noodles, raw veggies and salads.

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Grapeseed Oil, Chile de Arbol, Chile Guajillo, Black Garlic, Nori, Sesame, Cumin, Sea Salt, Sichuan Peppercorn
Just wait and see. Pura Macha goes on everything.
Pura Macha is shelf-stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. Stir thoroughly before spooning. (9 oz jar)

So Very Versatile

Here's a mathematical formula we've committed to memory: Something starchy and sweet (think roasted yam or carrots) + a tangy cheese like feta or goat + a drizzle of Pura Macha = filling, flavorful weeknight dinner. Add herbs if you're feely fancy.