Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra
Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra
Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra
Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra
Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra
1 ct

The best coffee deserves the best mug. Ours are created by La Chicharra Cerámica, Oaxaca’s leading ceramics studio known for simultaneously embracing traditional techniques and contemporary design. This is a mug that feels sturdy and balanced in your hands, adding a sense of groundedness to your morning ritual. Available in: Tierra (earthy clay), Ceniza (ash black) and Luna (speckled blue).


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•100% Lead Free
•11.5 oz
•4.25 in height, 3 in opening
•Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
•Variations in glazes are a result of the natural minerals used as pigments
•Makes a great gift for coffee (or tea) lovers
•Fits most coffee drippers & brewers

What's Old is New

Oaxacan pottery practices date back 3,000 years, and artisanship is ingrained in the local culture. There are at least 70 villages in the area known for their ceramics, pairing ancient techniques with local clays. La Chicharra founders Maria Fernanda and Lalo share a belief that in order for artesanía, as it’s known in Mexico, to take its place in the modern world and be shared with a broader audience, it must evolve by embracing elements of technology and design. They bridge tradition and technology at their studio: while the clay for each piece is made and mixed from scratch using local materials, some pieces, like the mug, are shaped with molds produced by 3D printers for the sake of consistency. In the end, each gets smoothed, perfected and glazed by hand.