Not Your Average User Manual

Not Your Average User Manual

Manufacturers say that machines like Molinito can last forever (or certainly a very long, healthy life in restaurant years), but as molino consumers ourselves, we noticed that no manufacturers ever prepared us for how to achieve that kind of longevity. As a result, we’d see molinos break down within weeks of purchasing them, not to mention, some very poor masa along the way!

So when it came down to writing Molinito’s manual, we had two goals in mind:

1) It would effectively channel the real-life user experience, start to finish, for any level cook or chef

2) It would be filled with supplemental, cookbook-like tips on grinding the best masa possible

Whereas most manuals end up in the recycling bin before they’ve even been opened, our hope is that you use Molinito’s manual as a steady companion guide to your masa-grinding journey.

Now we’re grinding.

(Note: Molinito’s manual combines an English and Spanish translation.)